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Titans 27 Colts10: Quick Recap

So the Titans won. I am not sure I have ever felt less good about a win in my life. This was a game the Titans had to win, and they won it, but they did not look very good doing it.

The Titans went running back by committee today. Neither guy was that good, especially when you consider who they were running the ball against, but Javon Ringer looked better. Solomon Wilcots spent the entire broadcast making excuses for Chris Johnson, but it was clear today that Ringer was running better.

It is hard to say how the defense played. They forced a couple of turnovers, but they gave up a lot of yards to a bad offense. Some of that was a product of playing prevent because of the lead, but I still don't feel very good about where they are. Next week will be a much more difficult test.

See, I told you I am not feeling very good about this win, but hey, it could be worse. The Saints, widely considered one of the best teams in the league, are about to lose to the winless Rams.

Gramsey gets the award for best text message during the game. He sent me this: "We should trade CJ for CP."

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