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Colts vs. Titans: Final Thoughts

The phrase "must win game" is overused in sports today, but this game today is a must win for the Titans. Not so much in the sense that a loss would mathematically eliminate them from anything, but in the sense that things would get really rough for Mike Munchak and his staff if they aren't able to pull out a victory against the winless Colts.

They will probably throw a heavy dose of Chris Johnson at the Colts early to see if they can get him going. Don't be surprised to see Javon Ringer earlier in this game though if Johnson doesn't get it going. At this point they just have to get the run game going, regardless of who it is that is carrying the ball. It would be a really tough call for Mike Munchak to sit the guy that Bud just paid $30 million, but if that is what it takes to win games he has to be willing to do it.

Defensively, they just need to come to play. At some point it becomes about pride. Their pride has to be hurt after getting torched two weeks in a row. The Colts offense is one of the worst in the league, and Jim Caldwell isn't exactly Bill Walsh, so they aren't going to be over-matched from a talent or coaching standpoint in this one. It is time to make some plays.

Here's to hoping the get this ship back on track today.