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Titans 31 Browns 13: Mike Munchak on the Titans Defense

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We spend most of our time talking about the offense, but the defense deserves as much credit for the 3-1 start. They were really good once again against the Browns. Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about his defense after the game:

(On the play of the defense today)- "Jerry Gray has done a great job. Those guys are believing. We have a lot of guys playing well and finding a way to step up and make plays. We have done a good job all year of keeping teams (under control). Coming in, statistically, they (Titans defense) were ranked number one in the league as far as defense goes. They did play a lot of plays today. When you have big plays on offense, we scored on some big plays, and when the defense scores one, you are going to be on the field a lot. They did a great job of hanging in there and keeping them out of the end zone. That was big in the first half. Cleveland did a nice job of moving the ball, especially on the first drive they went down and made some plays. Next time they got it, the same thing and our defense is doing a really good job to give us a chance."
Outside of Matt Hasselbeck, Jerry Gray has been the biggest offseason acquisition for this team. It is amazing how much different a defense can play when the coordinator knows what he is doing.