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Jerry Gray Lays Down the Law

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I enjoyed this paragraph from David Climer in today's Tennessean Colts vs. Titans preview:

Word leaked out that Jerry Gray greeted his defensive players at their meeting on Monday with an impassioned address that included the suggestion that anyone who wasn’t committed to the cause should kindly leave the room — or words to that effect. As best we can tell, everyone chose to stay and watch the tape of the Houston game. "It’s something we have to be accountable for, and we have to fix it," Coach Mike Munchak said.

August and I talked about it a little bit on MCM Radio Wednesday night, but the defense has really gotten off the hook this week because all of the talk has been about Chris Johnson and his struggles.

The defense has been really bad the last couple of weeks. They have been so bad that the team probably would have lost both games even if Johnson was running the ball well.

This is a good week to get things right against an offense that isn't very good.