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Titans Have Good Week of Practice

You know, I have never heard an NFL coach say his team had a bad week of practice until after a game where they played poorly. With that in mind, Mike Munchak is pleased with the way his team has practiced this week:

(on if he likes the way the team has responded during the week)

I really do, it’s always hard to judge but I thought we practiced well. Yesterday was very competitive out here and I thought today was a really good tempo too. Real game-like situations I think, speed was good, so I think we have done what we can do to work on things we have been struggling with. I think the confidence should be up because we practiced well so we should feel good about that. Now it’s just put the other stuff behind us and don’t dwell on what didn’t work in the past and concentrate on going and getting a win and we will go from there.

Hopefully that pays off when it counts on Sunday.