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Week 8: Predictions From The Contributors and rothbard

So trevor couldn't get it done. I was saving my big gun for later in the season, but we need a win so I might as well bring it out now.

Get us started R-Bored:


A few weeks ago I would have never said that this game scares me, but it sure does now. The Colts are terrible, we know that. But what are we? We've only had one really good game all year (Week 2). Surely we are due for another, right? As bad as TN looks right now, I just can't see us letting the neutered Colts beat us at home. Can't happen. So this week CJ runs for 50+ yds (big accomplishment!!), and we score more than 1 TD. Defense remembers how to play, and puts the hurt on. If we lose this game dumpsters should be on fire everywhere in Nashville.

Titans 24 - Colts 10


Who knows what the hell to expect in this one. I'd love to say that there's no way we could lose this game, against these Colts, at home. That would be great. Instead, we'll just have to sit back and at least hope this one is exciting. If I've gotta guess some specifics, I'll say we (not just CJ) finally run the ball well and the defense forces turnovers... Gray's mentor Gregg Williams harassed the hell out of Curtis Painter, so Gray of all people should have been taking notes.

Titans 63 - Colts 62


I don't know what the hell to expect. We have gone from a must win to have a shot at the division to a must win just to keep the season from being lost completely. The Colts are horrid, but just when we needed to step up and play better than we did before the bye, we played worse. This will be the week that Chris Johnson yadayadayada and maybe we will have a receiver catch a pass. When was the last time that our quarterback was the bright spot of our offense? 2003?

Titans 27 - Colts 23


At this point do we really have any idea what this team is going to do? I don't see any way they should lose this game, but then I remember what I saw last Sunday.

If Chris Johnson doesn't get going in this one, things are going to get ugly.

Titans 3 - Colts 3


Can't believe I'm predicting a close one here, but that's what it looks like from where I'm standing. Peyton Manning shouldn't be the MVP this year, but he should have probably been every year since entering the league. The Colts are hot garbage without him. Unfortunately, the Titans are playing like hot garbage right now. Who will play less bad this week? Only time will tell, but for now I like Tennessee in a close one.

Titans 17 - Colts 13


This has to be the lowest quality Colts/Titans match up in recent memory. Nothing I say about it is going to make it an interesting match up. Perhaps the only good that will come out of this game is that we will really get a true measure of just how bad this team is and how ugly the rest of the season is going to be, so we can start thinking about the draft. The Colts are really bad, but so are the Titans as long as Kenny Britt and CJ are MIA. In the end, I think our D-line will have a chance to get in the backfield and beat on Curtis Painter just enough to send him to the sidelines. The Colts will be forced to bring in Dan Orlovsky, who will promptly and inexplicably sprint out of the back of the end zone.

Titans 2 - Colts 0


I have to have optimism about this game, right? It's the Colts. Arguably the worst team in the NFL. It's frustrating that we're at this point where I'm timid in picking the Titans to win this game. Still, that's what I've got to go with. The Colts are just that bad.

Titans 20 - Colts 10


I needed a few days to recover from Sunday's decable. If you asked me Monday morning, I would have said the Titans would lose against Indy, but that's not really logical. The Colts lost by 55 points last week. They are the worst team in the NFL They have both the third worst offense and defense in the league. This Titans team is way too inconsistent, however. Just like the Titans did after 59-0, the Colts will attempt to rebound. The difference is that the Colts are down to their third string quarterback, and probably don't have much motivation with their star QB out.

The Titans will make things scary for the fans.

Titans 30 - Colts 21