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NFL Week 8 Picks Against the Spread

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I was 7-5-1 last with last week's picks. That brings me to 45-38-4 on the season.

This week's picks after the jump.

Arizona +13 @ Baltimore


I don't feel great about this pick, but after seeing Baltimore on Monday night I am not sure they can beat anyone in the NFL by 13.

Minnesota +3 1/2 @ Carolina

Adrian Peterson is going to have a HUGE day in this one.

Jacksonville +10 @ Houston

Underdog week!  The Texans always lose the game they are supposed to win.  

New Orleans -14 @ St. Louis

I have no idea what the NFL record for points scored in consecutive games is, but the Saints are about to break it.

Indianapolis +10 @ Tennessee

I think the Titans win this one, but I am not sure they will do it by 10 or more.

Washington @ Buffalo -6

What I don't understand about the Redskins is that they knew before the season that they didn't have a QB.  Why didn't they try to get one?

Miami @ New York Giants -10

Suck for Luck in full affect.

Detroit -3 @ Denver

This is the bet your mortgage pick of the week.  Even if Matthew Stafford doesn't play, there is no way Denver loses this game by less than 10.

New England @ Pittsburgh +3

I just have a hunch that the Steelers win this one.

Cleveland +9 @ San Francisco

I don't necessarily think the Browns win this one, but they will keep it close.

Cincinnati -1 1/2 @ Seattle

The Bengals are pretty good and the Seahawks aren't.

Dallas +3 1/2 @ Philadelphia

DeMarco Murray will have another big game in this one.

San Diego @ Kansas City +4

The Chiefs have been playing really well of late, and there is something wrong with Philip Rivers that the Chargers aren't telling us.