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Word Of Muth Takes the Titans Offensive Line to Task

Ben Muth writes a weekly column about offensive lines for Football Outsiders. This week his column is titled "Titanic Beatdown." I am guessing you can figure out who/what the column is about.

His assessment of Sunday's game is that Jake Scott had the worst game of all the lineman:

The offensive lineman that struggled the most against Houston was Jake Scott. He allowed a lot of penetration in the running game that limited the holes that Johnson could hit. When a defensive lineman gets a lot of penetration, the running back either has to cut it up or bubble around him to get outside. Thus, when a guard gives up a lot of penetration, he essentially cuts the line of scrimmage in half -- eliminating either the backside cut back or an outside bounce -- depending on which way the play is designed to go.

Scott also struggled getting up to linebackers at the second level. A lot of Tennessee’s linemen had this problem (particularly on the backside), but Scott seemed to struggle more than most. The right guard also gave up one of Tennessee’s sacks. He was blocking J.J. Watt, who was charging hard up field. Scott rode him pretty good and was driving him into the ground, but he just gave up too much leakage....

Maybe it was just one bad game for Scott, but this doesn't bode well for a Titans team that already has issues at center and the other guard spot.  So if Velasco isn't an upgrade, the Titans are going to need to find two new guards and a center before next season. 

That is pretty easy to do, right?