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Texans vs. Titans Game Ball of the Week: Jared Cook

There has to be a game ball. Those are the rules. So I guess by default it has to go to Jared Cook. He is the only one who actually made a play in this game.

Something of interest to me is the amount of times Jared Cook is being targeted. He was only targeted twice in the game on Sunday. Is that because he isn't open or is Matt Hasselbeck not looking his way often enough?

I have to believe it is the former because we all know how much Hasselbeck likes to spread the ball around. He said earlier in the year that he doesn't play favorites. Whoever is open gets the ball.

Hasselbeck also went on and on about Cook during training camp and in the preseason.

I understand that neither of those thoughts provide concrete evidence that prove Cook isn't open very often, but that is the conclusion I am drawing.

We have been over this, but the team has to find a way to get him more involved in the offense. He has too much talented to be targeted twice a game.