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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans Roundup


After the jump is a roundup of where thTitans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 8. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.


This Week Last Week Commentary
Look to be staying the course, but two brutal losses demand some level of shakeup. (Kuharsky) 19

Arian Foster had an Aaron Rodgers kind of day in Nashville. Matt Hasselbeck had a Mitch Williams World Series kind of day ... wild, couldn't finish plays, and suffering from general suckiness. This was a huge game for both clubs, who will face off in Week 17, with the division likely on the line. That is, if Chris Johnson ever gets going. Ten carries for 18 yards: doesn't sound like a CJ day, does it? Unfortunately, it's not too far from the norm for him this year.

National Football Post 23
Until Chris Johnson starts to produce with that big contract this team will continue to lose games.
Sporting News 21
Big and tall: 6-7 Ts Michael Roos and David Stewart: They're the best bookend tackles who don't talk much or don't get talked about much. Now if they only could help get slacking outside runner Chris Johnson going.
CBS Sports 19
So much for taking command of the division. What is wrong with Chris Johnson?

SB Nation 22
I think the Texans are the better team in the AFC South but I also think the Titans can still win the division. Houston will give them an opportunity to get back into it.
Fox Sports 24
After an impressive start, the Titans have fallen back to where most thought they would be this year. Tough opponents, to be sure, the past two games, but they have a chance to get healthy vs. the Colts this week. Allowing the Texans to rush for 222 yards
ProFootballWeekly 19
Munchak can't be pleased with all-around poor effort after bye.
ProFootballTalk 23

If the Titans didn’t quit on Sunday, they nevertheless should have been fired. (Florio)