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Some Not So Sunny Thoughts on Chris Johnson

Tom Gower, NewsToTom as we know him here at MCM, writes for Total Titans and Football Outsiders. He has a post up over at TT breaking down Chris Johnson's performance running the ball on Sunday where he looks at each individual run.

This paragraph from his post is particularly disturbing:

As to what this means for next Sunday, I really don't know. To my eye, what Chris Johnson was doing would prevent him from running for good yardage against virtually any NFL defense, behind virtually any NFL offensive line. It is possible that Chris Johnson just had an exceptionally bad game, and that he will run the ball much better Sunday against the Colts. Personally, I am not optimistic about Chris Johnson's future performance, be it against the Colts, the rest of this season, or the remainder of his NFL career.

Part of me says that is crazy. It is way too early to give up on him, but I will also admit there is a part of me that is really afraid he is 100% right.

Tom will join us on MCM Radio tonight to discuss this post.