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John McClain With Some Thoughts on Chris Johnson

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle had some comments about Chris Johnson on Twitter just now:

There's an impostor wearing Chris Johnson's uniform. He ran like he didn't want to get hit. He flinched to keep from getting hit hard. That's not the Chris Johnson we watched for three seasons. Afterward, he blamed his linemen. Not very smart, Chris. I've talked to players and coaches about Johnson. Nobody can believe how he's running. Javon Ringer looked so much better. How does Mike Munchak bench an RB who got $30 mil guaranteed? He's a rookie head coach who has to answer to Bud Adams.

I have to agree with a lot of what McClain said there. Johnson really does look like a guy that has shut it down after getting his money. I hate to say that, but you really can't come to any other conclusion if you watch him play*.

It is also interesting that McClain said that Mike Munchak doesn't have the marbles to sit him down. I would be all for Munch sitting him down for a week to send him a message. It isn't like Bud Adams is getting a return on his money right now.

*That was worded poorly by me.  I don't think getting paid is the only reason things aren't working, but I think he lacks the hunger that he had before he got the money.