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Drew Rosenhaus: The Tennessee Titans Are Interested in Terrell Owens

Keep in mind while reading this that everything Drew Rosenhaus has ever said is 100% true. Apparently Rosenhaus said on ESPN today that the Tennessee Titans have had a running interest in Terrell Owens (via @glennonsports). While I wouldn't be shocked if Mike Reinfeldt has talked to Rosenahus about T.O., I find it hard to believe that they are interested.

Again I will say that my #1 hold up on on T.O. is that there is no way he is 100% after recently having ACL surgery. It would be a terrible idea to bring him in at less that 100%.

If by some chance he has found some crazy medical miracle that gets him to 100%, I say bring him in. If they think they can still make a run at the Texans, why not bring him in at this point. He would at least give them a viable receiving threat which they don't have right now.