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Terrell Owens Is Holding His Workout Today

We had some good discussion here about Terrell Owens last week. While I still don't believe the Titans have any interest in bringing him in, I am interested to here how he looks in his workout today. I still don't think there is any shot he can be fully recovered from ACL surgery five or six months ago, but I guess you never know.

Mike Munchak said yesterday that the Titans will not be sending someone to the workout. That doesn't really mean anything because it isn't like reports of how it went won't be out there. You can believe that Drew Rosenhaus will have more members of the media there than NFL teams.

It is undeniable that the Titans need help at receiver, but I still don't think it is worth bringing even a healthy TO in because of the problems he would bring with him. It just seems like that would bring issues to a young locker room that would outweigh any good done on the field.