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Mike Munchak Says No Personnel Changes

Mike Munchak said today at his press conference that he does not see any changes being made in the starting lineup. I was pretty mad when I heard this at first, but after thinking about it I just don't see anywhere that it would really matter.

The only way it would matter is just to light a fire under some guys, but if Fernando Velasco were that good of a player he would have been playing from the beginning.

The one place I would really like to see some changes is at receiver. Munch said that he expects Damian Williams to be ready to play on Sunday. Williams has about one more week before I completely give up on him.

I hope we get to see a little bit more of Donnie Avery. He might not be the answer, but it is hard to deny that this is now a rebuilding year so they need to get a look at as many young guys as they can to know what to do going forward.