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Ravens @ Jaguars Monday Night Football Open Thread

Here we are with another stinker in prime time. Of course the Titans did beat the Ravens and lose to the Jaguars, so I guess you never know what will happen. Or you do and Ravens will win this game by three touchdowns.

The more interesting thing here are fantasy scenarios. Ron took me down this week in the MCM League, but in one of my other leagues I am up by 35 against Ray Rice. Normally I would feel good about that, but Rice could hang a big number on the Jaguars defense.

I would assume most people who have anything left in this game either have Rice or the Ravens defense because there is not a lot of fantasy meat on the bone in this match-up.

As an off topic thing to talk about, is anyone watching the World Series? I will be watching that over this game for most of the night. Naturally I am cheering for the Rangers because I hate the Cardinals.

Discuss those games, or anything else you would like to discuss, in the comments.