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Knee Jerk Film Review: Titans-Texans - CJ's "Readin' His Reads"

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This couldn't wait.  On the heels of Chris Johnson's comment from yesterday, I had to go back and look for myself to see if his "reads" were right.  And if doing "the things he does" is enough to get the job done.  

This is CJ's 2nd Run.  It's only one play, and most of the others weren't explicitly this bad.  The play really jumped out at me, though.  And, by jumped out at me I mean that on each of the rewinds, it took everything in me to not scream at my computer at the office.

This one will be quick, and not quite as detailed as the others.

Enough with the filler.  You know the drill.  Click through the jump.  Beware.  It's ugly.



Looks like an inside zone run.  With the exception of the safety, everyone is manned up.


Look at that B gap.  I'm not sure it could possibly get any wider.  At this point, I suppose CJ is "making his reads".  Well, I've got some news, CJ.  You're doing it wrong.  Given the choice of:

a)  Continue at full speed through the B gap where there is only one defender between him and the endzone, a corner.


b) Slow down.  Cut it back.  And navigate through a sea of defenders.

CJ chooses the latter.


Ugh.  2009/2010 CJ could potentially have turned this into 6 points.  2011 CJ goes for 1 yard.