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Titans Blow A Golden Opportunity

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I have a feeling by the time this week is over I am going to wish we were still talking about the Titans signing Terrell Owens. That game that we just watched has to be the most disappointing performance from a Titans team in the past five years. They couldn't run the ball. They couldn't throw the ball. They couldn't stop the run. They couldn't stop the pass. Does that about cover it?

Arian Foster went over 100 yards rushing and receiving in this game. That is the first time a running back has done that against this franchise. Ever.

The Titans defense gave up 518 yards of total offense to the Texans. 518! I would say this looked like the Chuck Cecil defense of the past couple of years, but that would be an insult to the Chuck Cecil defenses of the last couple of years.

The Titans managed just 148 total yards of offense themselves. The leading receiver was Chris Johnson, who had 27 yards.

Rant here. More later.