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Final Thoughts On Titans Vs. Texans

Game day is upon us, and we're about 5 hours away from either a huge leg up on the rest of the division, or an express lane to mediocrity. Our more dedicated readers and commenters are probably pretty familiar with my pension for optimism and keeping an even keel when it comes to wins and losses; I love my team, and I always have some kind of faith in the idea that the football gods don't hate us that much (despite sometimes overwhelming evidence to the contrary). I try to squeeze every ounce of joy out of a win, and not get to emo after bad losses.

Not today though.

If the Titans lose this game, it's going to be bad. Real bad. Inexcusably, stupefyingly bad. This Texans team isn't that good to begin with, never mind now that they're playing without Andre Johnson or Mario Williams. A loss here would crush the momentum our boys built earlier in the season, and doom us to watching another year of mediocre-at-best results.

So with those kinds of stakes on the line, try not to get too nervous. I still fully believe that we'll be doing another victorious edition of MCM Radio tonight, and all of this stress will have been for nothing.

Why do i believe that? Because they're still the Texans.