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Texans vs. Titans: When the Texans Have the Ball

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With Andre Johnson out, the entire focus of the defense can be on stopping the Texans rushing attack. Arian Foster had a breakout year last year, but he has not been able to really get on track this year. That is primarily because of a hamstring injury that he suffered at the end of the preseason.

They also have Ben Tate who is a second year running back out of Auburn. He missed his entire rookie season after tearing his Achilles tendon last preseason. He too has been slowed by an injury this season.

Foster had one really good game against the Titans last year, 30 carries for 143, and one really bad game, 11 carries for 15. Obviously the first priority with both of these guys is getting them on the ground when you have the chance. Missed tackles are deadly against both guys.

Obviously the best way to take these running backs out of the game is for the Titans to get a lead early and force the Texans to abandon the run.

Matt Schaub is a good NFL quarterback, but he is not much better than average without Andre Johnson out there.

The Titans should not have much trouble against the Houston passing game as long as they play their assignments. The Texans do not have a guy that scares you as long as a safety does not get caught biting on a play fake or something like that.