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Fantasy Football Week 7: Stop Being Hurt Blount, I Need You!!!

<strong>Vicks Sleeper of the Week:</strong> Doug Baldwin has had a couple solid weeks and should continue the trend against a Browns secondary minus Joe Haden.
Vicks Sleeper of the Week: Doug Baldwin has had a couple solid weeks and should continue the trend against a Browns secondary minus Joe Haden.

If you stocked up on running backs during your fantasy draft, good for you. For those of us who had faith in a few good backs (I'm looking at you CJ and Blount), we're hurting, bad. I don't have any magical fixes for this problem but I'll give you a couple guys to look at to try and slow your bleeding. Here we go again!


QB Starters


Tim Tebow 

Fantasy wise, this is a gold mine. Whether he really works out as the star QB for the Broncos has yet to be seen, but he creates one heck of a match up. He runs, he throws, and he has fire in his heart. This week he's going against one of the worst teams in the league. START HIM.


Matt Hasselbeck

I'm gonna keep riding this train till the end. My team has two QBs: Hasselbeck and Schaub. I'll take Hasselbeck almost every time. He's hitting so many different receivers and playing at an amazing level this year. He'll be seeing a defense this week minus Mario Williams, who had half the Texans sacks so far this year. Start him.


Tony Romo

Rams are a nice fluffy matchup for him to pick a part with a healthy receiving corps. Start him.



QB Benchers


Matt Schaub

This guys line is doing him no favors and the Titans have had two weeks to prepare for him. Bench him.


Philip Rivers

Revis Island has been nothing short of amazing this year. He's been playing his heart out and Philip Rivers hasn't. Gates should be back but I have lost some faith in Rivers. Lets just see how this week plays out. Bench him.


Matt Ryan

He’s gonna be minus Julio Jones and he’s gonna be facing an angry Lions team hungry for another victory after a loss last week to the 49ers. Bench him.


RB Starters



Ryan Matthews

You may not have heard it, but this guy has been doing really good. The Jets haven't been the same team this year and their defense hasn't been nearly as good against the run. Matthews has been averaging over 5 yards a carry of late. Start him.


Chris Johnson

He has yet to hit CJ2K mode, but I think this week he’ll look like the old CJ we know. The bye week should have quite the affect on the run game. They had over a week to sit there and go over what wasn’t working. If it isn’t working this week, I couldn’t tell you when it will. Start him


Willis McGahee

He’s been doing a pretty good job of tearing it up. The only problem he has had fantasy wise is that he hasn’t gotten in the end zone. He’s up against the powder puff dolphins this week. Start him


Rashard Mendenhall

He tore up the Jaguars last week, who is Arizona to stop him? Start him.



RB Benchers


Beanie Wells

The Steelers appear to be back to their old ways and that doesn't bode well for this fantasy stud. I think you gotta do it this week. Bench him.


Michael Turner

He's been great against bad teams but mediocre against good ones. The Lions are a high octane offense and I think the Falcons will be forced to throw the ball to keep up. It just doesn't bode well for Turner. If you've got some better options then... Bench him.


Peyton Hillis

Poor guy can't get a break. His hamstring is still bothering him and he hasn't been able to practice all week. You should look at grabbing Montario Hardesty for the weekend. The Seahawks make for a favorable matchup, just not for a wounded Hillis. Bench him.


LeGarrette Blount

He’s out for another week with his knee injury. Bench him.



WR Starters


Doug Baldwin

He’s been playing well and a Browns secondary minus Joe Haden is that much gentler. Start him.


Damian Williams

He’s had a touchdown in each of his starts and has a lot of pressure to produce. He has been good to me thus far and he should be again this week. Start him.


Greg Little

He has been consistently producing for the Browns and the Seahawks secondary is less than scary. I wouldn't be surprised if he got in the end zone for the first time this season on Sunday. Start him.


Brandon Marshall

With Matt Moore last week Marshall posted his season highs against Revis. It was impressive. He's going against a much weaker defense this week. He should bring another good level of intensity as he's playing against the Broncos, the team that shipped him off. Start him.



WR Benchers


Julio Jones

He's a great receiver but he unfortunately has an injury that will keep him out of this weeks game against Detroit, just like it did last week. Bench him.


Brandon Lloyd

He is going to need more time to get in sync with Bradford. Let him sit for a week and see how things go. Bench him.


Darius Heyward-Bey

He's got a new change at QB which could pay off later, but this week Palmer is questionable as to whether he'll actually start or not. The Chiefs haven't been tough and I don't think the Raiders will do much besides lean on the run. Bench him.



TE Starters


Fred Davis

Chris Cooley is out for a long time and John Beck is thrust in the line up. Davis has shown promise this season and I think he'll continue to do well, even with the new QB. Start him.


Heath Miller

It's a juicy matchup and he has been getting pretty consistent receptions. Start him.


Benjamin Watson

Seahawks don't scare many and Watson is one of McCoy's favorite targets. Hillis being out should only benefit him. Start him.


Owen Daniels

It's a bit of a stiff match up against the Titans, but the Texans are lacking in receiver department. Start him.



TE Benchers


Dustin Keller

He hasn't had a touchdown since the first game of the year and his receptions have really dropped off. He's got some work to do before he's worth starting again. Bench him.


Marcedes Lewis

He still isn't getting anything. Not even worth a roster spot anymore. Bench him.



D/ST Starters








D/ST Benchers









Waiver Wire


Greg Little WR Browns

Owned in only 7.8% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.


Doug Baldwin WR Seahawks

Owned in 28% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.


Earnest Graham RB Buccaneers

He's a good replacement while Blount is out. He's owned in 88.8% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.


Jackie Battle RB Chiefs

He is only owned in 42.2% of all ESPN fantasy leagues. He's the lead rusher right now. Snag him up if you can.


In other news, I'm gonna try and move the Waiver Wire section to its own article on Tuesdays. It'll make it that much better for the possibility to actually pick them up. Might be a little hit or miss some weeks because I'm super busy but I'm gonna try!


Good luck this week! Feel free to ask questions!


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