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Texans vs. Titans: Cheap Tickets Still Available


That is the average price of tickets for this game, which is really surprising considering how important it is for the Titans. It still blows my mind a little bit that the ticket market for the Titans has gotten so soft.

Click through the jump for a pretty good offer from TiqIQ.

Coming off the bye and sitting atop the AFC South, the Titans are poised for a division throw down with the rival Texans. With the Colts perennial stranglehold on the the AFC South title on hiatus for at least this year, the outcome of this game could go a long way in deciding this year’s division winner. Despite all the implications surrounding this game, the avg price is $101.80, down 8% this week, and well below the Titans home avg of $124. Want more good news? Thanks to TiqIQ’s "Pick your Price" you can make an offer on tickets and save even more! Want to grab some seats in the 300’s between the 40’s? Normally these seats would retail for about $71 each but now they can be yours for an offer of $40! That’s $30 in savings, and there are no service, nor shipping fees! Act fast, though, because this offer ends today at NOON EST!

Click here to make an offer.