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Week 7: Predictions From The Contributors and trevor2013

I hate bye weeks. Especially after a teamdidn'tshowupagain loss. Ugh.

Let's roll trevor:


I'll try not to be like Prattrick and Ron here, and get this right. Gary Kubiak never activates Houston's best player, Trindon Holliday, so that says a lot right there. Seriously though, the Titans coming off a crappy performance and the bye week should really help. After our worst performance of the year against Jacksonville, we were focused all week and played our best game against Baltimore. I expect one of our best games overall this week. As long as our run D can contain Foster, with Saint Andre out, we should be good on D. Jacoby Jones has worse hands than Nate ever did, and Mason is still adapting. On O, I think this will be the week the run game finally gets going. Houston isn't too good against the run and they don't have a true NT. As long as we don't try any 4th quarter fades to Justin McCareins, we'll win.

Titans 27 - Texans 13


This is the biggest game of the year. Not just "so far", this is it. A home game against the biggest competition for the division title is no joke, so if Tennessee comes out looking flat like they did for last week's game against Pittsburgh would be, to say the least, a really terrible way to kick it off. Consider that the Texans are already down Mario Williams and Andre Johnson and suddenly things look a whole lot better. I hate it that they'll be down their two best players, but at the same time, what an opportunity this is to really make some noise and get a statement win at home. Arian Foster has been a mixed bag against Tennessee in his career, I'd expect him to be less productive than usual, but nowhere near as bad as he was in last year's second game where he managed a modest 11 carries for 15 yards.

Win convincingly and you set up a lot of momentum going forward. Play like you did against Jacksonville and it's already that much harder to make the playoffs with an 0-2 start to division play. I still think this is a game that the Titans should win, but not easily. Houston won't roll over. As wary as I am of our current ranking in DVOA, the numbers indicate that the Titans have played much better than anyone in the division, including Houston. Time to prove it.

Titans 23 - Texans 17


It's hard to call the sixth game of any NFL season "do or die," but I think it applies to this Sunday's game against the Texans. As the only thing standing between us and the playoffs, the Texans sit tied in the win column with us, and ahead by a game in divisional play. So losing this game would create a nasty uphill climb motif for the rest of the season that I think everyone would be just fine without.

The game for me comes down to the play at the line of scrimmage. For the Titans, stopping their run game and keeping Hasselbeck clean are the primary objectives. Our performance so far would seem to indicate that we won't likely lose either of those battles, at least not in a big way. Hasselbeck should be able to pick on the Texans secondary if given time, and with Munchak and Matthews having 2 weeks to dissect Houston's pass rush, I think they will get it done. M-M-M-My Bironas hits 'em up with the gun fingers as time expires.

Titans 20 - Texans 17


Coach Munchak knows. I trust he has imparted onto the team the importance of this game and they know as well. I don't have any idea what to expect however, as the last performance we saw out of our Titans was less than stellar. I'll predict a close one, and hope that the home crowd realizes how important this one is and participates.

Titans 24 - Texans 21

Big Tuna

This is the biggest game the Titans have played in a long time. They have to take advantage of the chance to take the driver's seat in this game against a banged up Texans team. They should be able to load the box and slow the Texans run game without the threat of Andre Johnson going deep. That bodes well for success and first place in the AFC South!!!!11

Titans 24 - Texans 17


This is an important one for the Titans. The division is still up for grabs between these two teams, so it goes without saying that a win here would go a long way towards securing the division. Predictably, the Texans have failed to meet the fan bases expectations again. The Titans help continue that trend by beating up on an already injured Texans team at LP field. I also think the run game finally gets going in this one. CJ goes for 100 and the home team cruises.

Titans 24 - Texans 10


I'm feeling great about this game. The Titans have had a week of rest, the Texans are in their annual free fall, and their best player is out. It's the first week since the opener I honestly feel like Chris Johnson can become himself again.

Titans 34 - Texans 21