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Titans 31 Browns 13: Grading the Passing Defense

I have to say that the most pleasant surprise of all this year is the passing defense. They did give up 350 yards passing to Colt McCoy, who isn't good, but it took him 40 completions on 61 attempts to get there. Not all yards are created equal, and those yards aren't the same as the ones that Tony Romo and Eli Manning were piling up early last season.

Chris Hope is going to miss some more time now with a broken arm, but that loss doesn't hurt much because of the play of Jordan Babineaux. Matt Hasselbeck calls him Big Play Babs, and he has been just that since arriving in Nashville. He earned the nickname again on Sunday with a pick-6.

I am also pleasantly surprised by the play of Jason McCourty. I had written him off after the Boston Massacre, but he has turned into a really good corner for this team.

The pass defense gets a B for what they accomplished today.