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Titans 31 Browns 13: Grading the Passing Offense

Matt Hasselbeck was really good again today. He had 220 yards on 10 of 20 with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. He spread the ball around again today. Six different receivers caught passes against the Browns. We are still early in the post-Kenny Britt offense, but they didn't look to miss him much today.

While the offensive line still struggled with run blocking, they were excellent in pass protection today. Hasselbeck had all day to throw, and he wasn't sacked.

The one problem in the passing offense today was the drops. Lavelle Hawkins, Damian Williams, and Jared Cook all had drops in this game. It didn't end up hurting them today, but it will if they do it against a better team.

It was good to see Jared Cook get more involved. He only had 2 catches, but they were both big plays, and the 80 yard touchdown was something we have been waiting on for a long time.

I would give the Titans passing offense a B+ for their efforts today. The drops are what keeps it from being an A.