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Titans 31 Browns 13: Quick Recap

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As I just said on MCM Radio, it is always refreshing when a game goes exactly the way that we thought it needed to go. All week we talked about how the Titans needed to get a lead to take the Browns out of how they like to play. Well they did that today and were able to hold Cleveland to virtually nothing in the second half.

Colt McCoy did end the day with 351 yards, but it took him 40 completions on 61 attempts to get there. The defense will take 5.7 yards per attempt any day of the week.

The passing offense looked good without Kenny Britt. Matt Hasselbeck didn't get his third straight 300 yard game, but he was very efficient getting 220 yards on 10 completions

It was nice to see Jared Cook step up and make that play that we have been waiting for him to make for 2+ years now.

The rushing offense was better. While there are still some problems with the blocking and Chris Johnson's conditioning, there were holes today, and CJ did have a 25 yard run.

We have already completed our MCM Radio recap, and you can listen to it after the jump.

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