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Mike Munchak Clarifies His Comments On Terrell Owens

Let's try it this way- Mike Munchak had a chance to clarify his comments about Terrell Owens after practice today. Here is what he said according to Terry McCormick:

"He's not a guy specifically. It's rare that we would talk about anything in the future. Anything could happen weeks from now," Munchak said. "I have no idea on his situation, his health. I don't even know if he'd have a chance to pass a physical this year, for all I know. But it was asked of me if he was completely healthy, would we take a look at him.

"And I said, well, depending on our situation. Like we've done every Monday or Tuesday here, we take a look at a group of guys and work them out and see if there is someone there that can help us win football games. And that's what you look at. If the timing was all perfectly right, would we bring a guy in and look at him? Sure. Not just him, but like we've been doing. Whoever that person may be. Not just necessarily him."

While he didn't rule it out 100%, he just wants to make sure everyone knows he was just saying they are constantly looking at people who are available.