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Please Stop with the Terrell Owens Talk

Here is a link to an article from June that says that Terrell Owens had surgery to repair a torn ACL within the last month. Let's say that the surgery was completed in May. That means that less than six months ago T.O. had ACL surgery.

So that means, and read this carefully, TERRELL OWENS WILL NOT BE READY TO PLAY IN THE NFL THIS SEASON. Got that?

Six months is best case scenario for being cleared, but most people say it takes a full year to get back to full speed after tearing an ACL.

Add to that the fact that T.O. is 37 years old, and it probably means his career is done.

I really, really, really wish people would stop talking about T.O. My Twitter timeline was filled up last night with people saying: "WE GOTTA GET T.O." because Mike Munchak said they would look at a healthy Owens. Well he isn't healthy, so they aren't looking at him, so stop talking about it. K?