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Andre Johnson Will Not Play Against The Titans On Sunday

AJ's out for how long? Hey guys, I'm thinking bail. Bail? Bail.
AJ's out for how long? Hey guys, I'm thinking bail. Bail? Bail.

Andre Johnson is still recovering from surgery on his hamstring, and there had been some thought that he might be able to make it back for Sunday's game against the Titans. However, Johnson's statements today pushed his likely return to the Texans line-up out to their November 27th match-up against Jacksonville.

Considering that they've gone 0-2 without Johnson, they could lose four more games before getting their stud WR back. Of course after this weekend's match-up they have games against Jacksonville, Cleveland and Tampa Bay, so the idea that AJ returns to a 3-7 Texans team that's all but eliminated is probably a pipe dream.

The real shame of all of this is that we won't get to see Johnson line-up against our (so far) lockdown secondary, and especially Cortland Finnegan. The fight between AJ and Finny last year was a turning point in Finnegan's career, in terms of the level of public and professional criticism he faced. Finny has since learned to better focus his energy on the new scheme, making plays and delivering punishing hits.  He's been voted a team captain and avoided the dumb penalties he was racking up for a bit. By the way, since that same fight Johnson has missed almost as many games (5 as of this Sunday) as he's started (7).

Given the dirty antics the Texans have leveled at Finny (lets not forget the ambush/fight on the Texans bench that resulted in the Jacoby Jones walking away with a chunk of his hair), it'll be interesting to see if the Texans keep taking shots at Finnegan, and how he responds.