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Titans Get Back to Fundamentals in Monday's Practice

You know it killed Mike Munchak that he didn't get more time with his team during the bye week because of the new CBA. He took advantage of some extra time yesterday, on what would usually be an off day, to have the team work on fundamentals. Here is what he had to say when asked what they worked on in practice yesterday:

It was kind of a split between working a long individual period where we worked a lot on fundamentals that every position needed time to work on. Half the periods were working against each other so we were competing pretty good on the run game, run situations, third down situations and getting off the field, and then we started carded periods getting ready for the Texans.

I am glad to see some extra work was put in on the running game. There are no more excuses to be made. The offensive line has had plenty of time with Chris Johnson at this point, and CJ has had more than enough time to get back in football shape.