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Dolphins @ Jets Monday Night Football Open Thread

I really, really don't like Rex Ryan, so it would be awesome to see the Dolphins beat them at home. Of course that won't happen because the Dolphins are terrible, but it would be really cool if it did.

Use this thread to discuss the game if you decide to watch it. Also, as always, talk about any fantasy scenarios you are facing. South Texas Titan is my latest casualty in the MCM League. Thanks for play STT.

I have another league where I am up by 10 points. I have Mark Sanchez playing and he has Brandon Marshall.

Marshall said earlier this week that he is going to get kicked out in the 2nd quarter, so it is looking pretty good for me in that one.

Tomorrow is the NFL trading deadline. I doubt we see any deals get made between now and then, but if you hear anything, go ahead and post it here for discussion.