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NFL Trade Deadline: Broncos Trade Brandon Lloyd to the Rams

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The Denver Broncos have agreed to terms to send Pro Bowl WR Brandon Lloyd to the St. Louis Rams according to Jason La Canfora on Twitter. I have not seen the terms of the deal yet.

This is an interesting development. Lloyd is probably just a one-year rental, and the Rams are currently sitting at 0-5. I guess they think Lloyd makes them competitive in an NFC West that was terrible last season, but I have trouble believing that they are going to catch the 49ers at this point.

They might just be trying to salvage a little bit of Sam Bradford's confidence at this point. He has virtually no weapons right now.

As far as the Titans are concerned, this is a deal that I would have liked to see them make, but it isn't the end of the world that they didn't. They should still be looking to add a guy though, for the right price, unless they think Donnie Avery can get back to his form from a couple of years ago.