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Fantasy Football Week 6: Bye Week Slammer

<strong>Vick's Sleeper of the Week</strong> : Darrius Heyward-Bey has quietly had a good couple past games and will look to do so again against the Browns.
Vick's Sleeper of the Week : Darrius Heyward-Bey has quietly had a good couple past games and will look to do so again against the Browns.

If you've been enjoying the Titans success by loading your fantasy team with them (as I have), then you are most certainly feeling a sting this week. I've got some more waiver wire guys for you to look at that can help all of us suffering from some bye-week blues.


QB Starters


Cam Newton

Atlanta has been pretty unimpressive on defense this year and Newton has been more than impressive on offense. Newton has turned into a tier 1 starter QB. Start him.


Matt Ryan

Withholding my dislike of Ryan, he has a great matchup here against the Panthers and should be in line for a shootout where he'll be forced to throw to keep his team in the game. Start him.


Andy Dalton

This young guy has been having a solid season and he'll be going up against the Colts this week. Start him.


Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben surprised the Titans last week and made them look like a joke. The Steelers offense seems to have rediscovered their rhythm and Ben should do fine against a fading Jaguars team. Start him.


Rex Grossman

The Eagles have a lot riding on this game. Sexy Rexy has been good enough and the Eagles defense has not so I say... Start him


Matt Schaub

He made do last week with his RB's and TE's. Of the 300 yards he passed for, only 99 of it went to WR's. I think he'll be okay against the Ravens. Just be sure to have realistic expectations... Start him.


Tony Romo

He has been real up and down this season, but I think a matchup against the Patriots is fairly favorable. Add in the fact that all his receivers are healthy again and it's just that much more favorable. Start him.




QB Benchers


Blaine Gabbert

The Steelers seem to have gotten themselves back on track. Gabbert is going through your average rookie ups and downs. This seems like a no brainer. Bench him.


Eli Manning

The other Manning. The one who threw 3 picks against the Seahawks this last week. Yeah. Bench him.



RB Starters


Shonn Greene

The Jets have been a mess of late but Greene showed some improvement this last game and found the endzone for the second time this season. The Dolphins are in even worse shape and I think the Jets will capitalize on it. Start him.


Arian Foster

This is gonna be a big game for the Texans. With Johnson out of the line-up with an injury, Foster had over 100 yards receiving last week. He should see similar attention in the passing game this week along with his usual touches for the ground game. Start him.


Ray Rice

As long as this game doesn't start running away from the Ravens, Ray Rice should get his fair share of carries and with a Texans defense minus Mario Williams he should be able to produce. Start him.


Cedric Benson

He's still not suspended and this week he facing one of the NFL's weakest defenses. Start him.


Michael Turner

Just like Benson, he's facing a weak defense and he's a big back. Start him.


Peyton Hillis

The Madden cover boy should be leaning forward and trucking over defenders this week. Start him.



RB Benchers


Joseph Addai

He's out with an injury. Don't forget to... Bench him.


LeGarrette Blount

Also out with an injury. Bench him.


Jahvid Best

He has only had one week where he actually has been of any real fantasy value. Expect him to come back down to Earth this week. Bench him.


Rashard Mendenhall

He's still a little gimpy, he's playing against a stiff run defense, and he seems to have a committee behind him ready to carry the ball. Bench him.



WR Starters


Steve Smith (Panthers)

He's just gonna keep eating up the yardage. It has been a ridiculous year for him and I think it continues this week. Start him.


Santana Moss

He's been pretty consistent and a big target for Grossman. Eagles have been generous thus far this season. Start him.


Dez Bryant

Yes Miles Austin is back, but that just helps take some of the defensive attention away from Bryant. This kid is a star. Start him.


Pierre Garcon

Until someone realizes you have to guard Garcon he'll continue to make defenses look stupid. As Painters number one target and savior, I must say it. Start him.


Wes Welker

This man is unstoppable. Start him.


Roddy White

He'll be seeing more targets than usual as his compliment, Julio Jones, will be sitting out this week. Start him.


Darrius Heyward-Bey

He had a good game last week and I think he'll do so again this week versus the Browns. Start him.



WR Benchers


Brandon Marshall

He's talking about being ejected from the game in the second quarter. That never bodes well for fantasy. He's also going up against an angry Jets defense. If that's not enough, he has Matt Moore throwing him the ball.This has ugly written all over it. Bench him.


Mike Thomas

It's been a barren season for him so far. He's found the endzone just once. This week he'll be trying to do it against Polamalu. Bench him.



TE Starters


Jimmy Graham

This guy is ridiculously good and boy does Brees love him. Start him.


Greg Olsen

He has been getting the redzone targets and has a touchdown in each of his last three games. Start him.


Jermaine Gresham

Dalton is a Gresham fan and keeps feeding him the ball. The Colts shouldn't interrupt that by any means. Start him.


Rob Gronkowski

Hernandez is still nursing an injury and Gronkowski has been pretty consistent of late. I think he finds the endzone this week. Start him.


Dustin Keller

This is the week I think the Jets get themselves back on track, or at least win. Keller is one of Sanchez's most favorite targets. Start him.



TE Benchers


Jeremy Shockey

He just doesn't get those redzone targets like his buddy Greg Olsen does. He doesn't get enough targets either. There are just better options than this guy. Bench him.


Marcedes Lewis

He has dropped four redzone catches in the past two weeks. The Steelers certainly won't help that. Bench him.


Dallas Clark

He has nine targets in the past two weeks with only four catches. He misses Manning dearly. Bench him.



D/ST Starters








D/ST Benchers








Waiver Wire 


Earnest Graham RB Buccaneers

Blounts out for at least this weekend and he has a great matchup against the saints defense. He could be a nice little bye week replacement this week


Delone Carter RB Colts

It's yet to be figured out whether it will be Brown or Carter who will be starting for the Colts this Sunday. Likely they'll be splitting carries, but I think Carter has more upside. He's one of the players I'm using to try and sneak by this nasty bye week.


Michael Crabtree WR 49ers

They 49ers have lost Josh Morgan for the season which should mean more balls going Crabtree's way. If you've got the space and are interested, this could be a great one. Smith has thrown 7 touchdowns to only 1 interception this year and is having a career year, though in passing he has only surpassed 200 yards a couple times.


Tim Tebow QB Broncos

He has been given his chance. It's time to shine or be shipped off to a foreign land. I think he is a great investment fantasy wise. He's a big guy who'll get you both rushing touchdowns as well as passing ones. I'm not a Tebow fan boy, but I do have faith he'll do good things. Scoop him up if you can.


Damian Williams WR Titans

I know he's in the hot seat, but he has been producing. He has a touchdown in both of his last two games and with a little more fire I'm sure the coaches are gonna light under him, he's gonna be doing his best to produce more. He's helped me survive the past couple weeks and if the coaches keep giving him chances I think he'll keep getting better. He's at least worth the spot on your bench if you have the space.


Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Raiders

The Raiders have been surprisingly good of late and now they've got the passion of playing in memorial to Al Davis's memory. He's one of my bye-week saviors and could continue to produce. If you're lacking at the WR position, give Heyward a look.


If you've got any fantasy football questions, feel free to ask!

Best of luck this week!


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