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NFL Trade Rumors: Brandon Lloyd a Fit for the Titans?

So smash posted last night that there is a rumor that the Tennessee Titans are interested in Brandon Lloyd. This trade possibility, like any other, comes down to what the price is going to be. The rumor is that they are asking anywhere from a 3rd to a 5th. If the Titans could get this done for a 5th it is a no-brainer. I would still probably jump at it for a 4th. A 3rd would make me pause for a minute, but I think I would still do it.

People trying to talk about how Brandon Lloyd isn't that good crack me up. You do realize that we are talking about replacing Damian Williams and/or Lavelle Hawkins, right?

I know people love the Hawk, but come on. He isn't a good NFL receiver.

I do take a pause on sitting D-Will down because he has some potential, but the Titans can't count on him right now.

Lloyd is not the greatest receiver in the world, but he is better than anyone the Titans currently have on the active roster not named Nate Washington (and I bet that is a close one).

Gramsey wants to tell me that his numbers don't count as much because some of them are in junk time or because the Broncos throw the ball so much. So what? Production is production. I would be willing to bet that Hawkins or D-Will wouldn't have put up numbers that good in any system.

Jim Wyatt doesn't think Lloyd is a good fit because he thinks they need a physical receiver.  That sounds all well and good, but there isn't one of those available.

Things have gone decently for the offense since Kenny Britt went down, but they still need another weapon. I hope Mike Reinfeldt can pull the trigger on this deal for anything lower than a 3rd.