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Tennessee Titans Power Play of the Week

The Power Play of the week for the Titans is the onside kick recovery. I really thought this gave the Titans a chance to get back in the game, and it would have if they hadn't of just gone ahead and given the ball right back to the Steelers.

If this was the "almost power play of the week," I would have selected the play to Nate Washington in the back of the end zone on the first drive.  It could have been a different game had he hauled that ball in, but he didn't, and that isn't the name of this series.

There was also the touchdown pass to Damian Williams, but that came after the game was already decided.

Picking this play was pretty easy because there were so few good ones in this game. Hopefully there will be so many good ones in the game against the Texans after the bye that I will have trouble narrowing it down.