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Houston Texans Acquire Derrick Mason

Derrick Mason is quickly becoming the bane of my existence. It wasn't enough that he had to go play for the dirty Ravens when he left here. He then had to go play for the dirty Rex Ryan this year. Now he has been traded to the Houston Texans according to John McClain.

That is the move of a team who knows they are on the cusp of a playoff birth and need that one player to put them over the top. Mason can be that guy for them. He will be a fantastic compliment to Andre Johnson once AJ returns from his hamstring injury.

I wonder if this will push the Titans to make a move to keep pace. They can give us all of the stories they want about Damian Williams and his potential, but he isn't a difference maker right now.

Maybe they have faith that Donnie Avery will be that guy. 

The Texans got better tonight.  Maybe now they can score a touchdown against 10 guys.