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Thorchak Remerges, Drops His Mighty Hammer On Damian Williams

This tweet from Jim Wyatt jumped out at me earlier:

Munchak said Damian Williams needs to stop playing like a young guy and start catching a lot of ball for #Titans
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Why does it stick out? Because you never saw comments like this from Jeff Fisher... and I love it.

Damian Williams seems to have all of the luck in the world: he has all of the talent you need to be a very good (probably never great) receiver in this league, he's been handed a starting spot thanks to the loss of Kenny Britt, he's got a good QB throwing him the ball and a coordinator who isn't afraid to dial up some pass plays. But so far, all he's been able to do with it is give us the same mixed bag of nice catches and bone-headed drops.

Fisher would have given lip service to the media and tried to handle Williams' disappointing play in-house, but Munchak is choosing to be more honest and open. He's doing that when it's easy (like on a three game win streak) and when it isn't (like when you get smashed by a rival). I also appreciate Munchak expecting more out of guys not just because we need it, but because he knows they are capable of it.

Statements like this aren't earth-shattering, but they are yet another sign that things really have changed at Baptist Sports Park, and it 's a new era of Titans football.