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Chris Johnson Success Rate Against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Each individual rush is considered on it's own, and measured by it's "success." A run is considered successful if it gets 40% of the yardage needed to move the chains on first down, 60% of the yardage needed on second down, and 100% of the yardage needed on third or fourth down. This is a much more accurate overall picture of how well a running back does in a game than just the total yardage or ypc averages because it ignores big run outliers that can skew those kinds of stats

Before you click through the jump to see the numbers, I want you to guess what his success percentage was in the game.

Stats after the jump.

Cjpitt_medium57% is actually a really good number. In fact, that would be just about good enough to lead the league if he was able to do it over the course of a season.

This is obviously just one measure of success, but by this one, CJ had a nice day.