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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans Roundup


After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 6. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Two of their five games have been duds, but a bye and three in a row at home wait. (Kuharsky) 14

That was more than a hiccup. Some Titans fans hammered these very rankings for the conservative placement of their team at 14 last week. Hey, there's still a lot to like about Tennessee, but allowing five touchdown passes to the opposing quarterback is not one of them.

National Football Post 17
The Kenny Britt injury is going to have a big impact on this Titans team as the season rolls on.
Sporting News
CBS Sports 17
They ran into a hornet's nest in Pittsburgh against an angry Steelers team. At 3-2, they still are tied for the division lead.

SB Nation 14
I'm still impressed they're this competitive when Chris Johnson is playing like one of the worst running backs in the league. Think about how much better they could be if he were playing like the old Chris Johnson.
Fox Sports 18
CJ2K will be lucky to get 1,000 yards at this pace. The defense got exposed by the Steelers' smashmouth runs and play-action passes. QB Matt Hasselbeck will need the running game as the weather begins to turn.
ProFootballWeekly 15
Steelers' "D" brings Hasselbeck and Titans' "O" back to earth.
ProFootballTalk 16

Instead of asking "when" Chris Johnson will become Chris Johnson again, maybe we should be asking "if"?