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Samsung Game Ball of the Week Damian Williams

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It is tough to find someone that deserves a game ball when a team loses 38-17, but it is something that has to be done. With that being said, the game ball goes to Titans wide receiver Damian Williams. He had the best day of his career with 6 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown.

It was the second straight game with a touchdown for Williams, and it seems that so far he is the only one stepping up in Kenny Britt's absence.

I was really excited about Williams heading into the preseason, but he was inconsistent at best and seemed to take a step back. Hopefully these last couple of weeks have given him the confidence he needs to continue to make plays.

It will also be interesting to see how guys like Williams and Lavelle Hawkins respond if the Titans do end up making a trade for a receiver. Hopefully it will push them to learn the offense.