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Lions @ Bears Monday Night Football Open Thread

My apologies for not posting these threads in the first four weeks. Things have been a little crazy with a newborn, but we are starting to settle in now.

Tonight we watch my Detroit Lions take on the Chicago Bears. I am officially jumping on the Detroit Lions bandwagon. They are now my favorite NFC team. I love what Jim Schwartz is doing up there.

There have been a lot of Monday night stinkers, but this should be a good one. I like the Lions in this game, so that probably means that the Bears are going to win because I am terrible at picking NFL games.

Discuss the game and any fantasy football scenarios you are facing here. I am destroying Crazy Legs, who apparently forgot to set his lineup this week, in the Official MCM League. I have a 30 point lead heading into tonight with Matthew Stafford left to play. He has no one. At's rite!