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Steelers 38 Titans 17: The Game in a Nutshell

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This is from Mike Kurtz in Football Outsiders weekly Audibles at the Line:

Steelers execute a beautiful fake punt around midfield, Daniel Sepulveda to Ryan Mundy. The Titans didn't even look, just went through the motions, didn't even realize what was going on until Mundy was 15 yards downfield, ended up with 33 yards. Gorgeous.

Three plays later, the Titans bite completely on play action, easy pitch and catch to Ward for a touchdown. The play before that? A lightning-quick end-around to Antonio Brown. Very creative end to that drive, kept Tennessee on its heels and it paid off for them.

4th and 5 at the 50. That just screams fake, so it is extremely disappointing that the Titans were not even thinking about the possibility that the Steelers might run one there.

And why oh why do the safeties always bite on play action? That was one of the things that I really thought Jerry Gray would correct, but we saw it quite a few times once again yesterday.