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Former Titans Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger Passes Away

Adam Schefter tweeted earlier today that former Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger passed away last night. We all remember that Dinger was diagnosed with cancer during the season last year, and he was such a trooper that he didn't miss any games after his diagnosis.

I hadn't heard much on Dinger's progress, but they did that golf tournament a few months back, and I didn't even recognize him in the pictures because he had lost so much weight.

Funny story: I was a freshman in college the first year Heimerdinger was here in his first stint as Titans offensive coordinator, 2000, and we named out intramural softball team The Heimerdingers.

I will always remember Dinger as the architect of the offense that made Steve McNair a true star in the NFL. He was at the helm in 2003 when McNair was the co-MVP of the league.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Heimerdinger's family.

Thank to trevor for posting this in the fanshots.

Jim Wyatt just tweeted this from Jeff Fisher:

I lost a really, really good true friend," Jeff Fisher said of Heimerdinger. "He'll be missed. He touched a lot of peoples' lives."