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MCM Facebook Mailbag

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Yesterday I asked for questions about the Titans on our Facebook page. I have answered those questions after the jump. If you haven't already done so, please go "Like" our page here.


What can the Titans do to get 100 rushing yards for CJ this Sunday?


There are a few things they can do- 1. They need to block better up front. We saw yesterday that they are only currently giving CJ a chance to have success on 29% of his attempts. That number has to go up or it is going to be a long season. 2. Johnson has to be more willing to take what is there. He gets himself in trouble sometimes because he tries to look for the home run hole instead of getting 3 and moving on the next hole.

Are we gonna see CJ in the slot and get Ringer and or Harper on the field at the same time?

That could be a wrinkle they throw in now that Kenny Britt is out for the year, but I doubt we see it too much. I just hope they do more with CJ in the passing game than run out 5 yards and turn around. It seems like there is so much more potential there.

Is Avery gonna take the #1 spot or is Washington gonna step into Britt's role??

It will definitely be Washington. He has played really well so far this year. I think there is a reasonable chance Avery could eventually be the #2 if he is healthy, but that is going to take a while because he has to get up to speed on the offense.