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Fantasy Football Week 4: Serious Case of the Fantasy Football Blues

So far it's been a season filled with injuries and disappointments. As a Titans fan, it has been even more so. Chris Johnson has yet to reach 100 yards after 3 games, Kenny Britt is out for the season, and Cookie has yet to emerge as the great receiving TE we know he can be. I know there were many of us out there who were enjoying Kenny Britt's reign of terror over all the other teams, but it's time to move on now. I address this and other things after the jump!


QB Starters


Matt Ryan

One of the few times I'll actually say this about this man, but he's got quite the favorable matchup here and a great set of receivers to help him out. Ryan should do just fine this game. Start him.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

Well he's done it. He's passed all the tests I need to say he's the real deal. He's up against the Bengals this week and after beating the Patriots last week, I see no reason he should struggle against the Bengals. Start him.


Matt Hasselbeck

I know he lost Kenny, but I believe in him. He did a great job last week and he was spreading the ball all over. Before Britt went down he only had two receptions for 18 yards. He passed for 311 yards that day and two touchdowns. I think he keeps the Titan train rolling while CJ finally arrives. Start him.


Matt Schaub

It's a scary proposition, but did you see what Joe Flacco did to them in week 1? They should be a better defense than the one that showed up that week, but I still think Schaub can handle it, especially with his supporting cast. Start him.



QB Benchers


Colt McCoy

The Titans will be terrorizing this poor young guy. You're gonna want to let him sit this one out. Bench him.


Cam Newton

Newton might  wil have quite the miserable showing against the Bears. I expect it. Bench him.



RB Starters


Chris Johnson

If there was ever a time for CJ to show up, this is it. With Kenny gone, Johnson knows he has to step up and I'm sure he has devoted a lot of effort to fixing the running problems this past week at practice. Start him.


Michael Turner

The Falcons are pretty likely to run away with this game. With the scoreboard getting overloaded, they'll probably let Turner loose and he should be able to find the endzone for the first time this season.


Fred Jackson

He doesn't care that he's 30 years old. He's running wild and I don't see why the Bengals defense should rain on his parade. Start him.


Darren McFadden

He just ran over flattened the Jets defense. The Patriots defense scares me less than the Jets. Sit back and enjoy the pummeling he delivers this Sunday. Start him.


LeSean McCoy

He should do just fine as he sees an increased amount of carries to supplement an injured Vick and ailing offense. Start him.


Tim Hightower

He's doing good things in Washington and should do more good things this Sunday. Start him.


Steven Jackson

He's finally healthy again... I think. He's a key part of that offense. Start him.


James Starks

Ryan Grant is out with a bruised kidney. Starks has a great matchup here going against the Broncos. Start him.



RB Benchers


Peyton Hillis

The Titans haven't been very kind to runningbacks and I'm sure they've done their homework on Hillis. He's in for a rough game. If you've got some better options, bench him.


Ryan Grant

He's out with a bruised Kidney. Bench him.


Shonn Greene

He's been more than lack luster this season and he's facing the nasty defensive front of the Ravens this week. Bench him.



WR Starters


Nate Washington

In the wake of Britt's injury, Washington looks to see a lot more targets. With the level of play he's been at this year so far, he should only be that much more awesome this game. Start him.


Julio Jones

He's eaten up a lot of yardage with each reception he's gotten. This matchup is too good to sit him. Start him.


Andre Johnson

Steelers ain't got nothin' on him. Start him.


Eric Decker

He's been putting up some decent numbers and I've personally been underwhelmed by the Packers defense, or the lack there of. Start him.


WR Benchers


Dez Bryant

He's their number one receiver out there right now, but he's hurting. Last week he was still the number one receiver and he hardly got anything going against the Redskins. Didn't help that the Cowboys offensive line was a mess and half the receivers didn't know where they were supposed to be. If you've got decent back-ups on your bench, give one of them a shot. I put Julio Jones in his place on my roster for this week. Bench him.


Lee Evans

He's been ruled out once again due to injury. Make sure he's benched.


Reggie Wayne

Curtis Painter will strike fear into the heart of no one. This should be another long day for the Colts. I'm not sure they'll even be able to find the endzone. Bench him.



TE Starters


Dustin Keller

I'm not Sanchez fan, but he loves him some Keller. He's been eating up yards and found the endzone in 2 of 3 games so far. He is going up against the Ravens defense, but I ain't scerred. Start him.


Fred Davis 

I know he was quiet last week, but we all have off weeks. I expect him to rebound against the Rams. Start him


Owen Daniels

I feel a little crazy saying it. But I'm gonna anyway. Every game he has been getting more receptions and he has a touchdown of each of his last two games. The Steelers present a challenge, but I think he'll come out okay. Start him.


Jimmy Graham

He's the man. I can't count him out anymore. He should continue doing well this sunday when the Saints visit the Jaguars. Start him.


Rob Gronkowski

He's always a good choice, and this week he remains an even stronger one with his partner Gronkowski still ailing from an sprained MCL. Start him.


TE Benchers


Heath Miller

The Steelers o-line has been having a rough time so Millers been doing more blocking than receiving. Also, the Texans defense has been much improve this season. Bench him.


Aaron Hernandez

He may not even play this week as he's still working his way back from a sprained MCL. Even if he does, he probably doesn't see nearly as many snaps as Gronkowski. Bench him.


Anthony Fasano

Miserable as always. Bench him.



D/ST Starters








D/ST Benchers








Watching the Waiver Wire


Damian Williams - WR Titans

This is just one to watch. I picked him up because I have space on my bench. He's going to be stepping up into Kenny Britt's spot because the Titans like Washington right where he is. He's a great route runner and even though he has had an off preseason, I think he'll do just fine. He also has Matt Hasselbeck back there, who's been awesome so far this season. I say invest.


Nate Washington - WR Titans

Washington is currently owned in 80% of ESPN leagues. That's up over 70% over the past 7 days. He's been great so far and if he's available in your league and you could use a good receiver, you'd be a fool to pass on him.


Torrey Smith - WR Ravens

This one is a stretch. He had one big week and everyone is probably jumping the gun a bit here. I wouldn't quite pick him up yet unless you're incredibly desperate. Wait and see how things develop with him. He's an interesting prospect. Watch him for a few weeks to see how things pan out.


Michael Jenkins - WR Vikings

The Vikings actually put up a fight this last week. Jenkins is making good yardage when he gets the ball in his hands. If the Vikings can actually get in sync, Jenkins could be an actual fantasy starter. Something to keep an eye on...


Benjamin Watson - TE Browns

McCoy's a maturing quarterback and he seems to be growing a rapport with his TE Benamin Watson. This could be a cure if you're looking for some solutions at the TE position... or at least an interesting prospect.


Jared Cook - TE Titans

Cookies been real quiet lately but he should get more involved with this offense with the Titans biggest playmaker down. I've been forced to release him in a couple of leagues, but he's definitely someone to keep an eye on. Watch to see how much more he gets involved in the offense this week and we'll talk later...



Best of luck this week guys!


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