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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Peyton Manning is Sad

The next best thing to a Titans playoff win is a Colts playoff loss, and that is exactly what we got yesterday.

Of course that wasn't the most surprising part of Wild Card Saturday. The Seahawks pulling off the upset against the Saints in the early game is one of, if not the, biggest upsets in playoff history. All the talk all week was about how the NFL needs to change the way they do things so that a 7-9 team doesn't get to host a playoff game, and then the 7-9 team went out and put a beatdown on the defending champs.

I bet the Saints wouldn't have given up so many points yesterday if their defensive coordinator wasn't allowed to have his son on his staff. They really should fire that guy!

I expect both of today's games to be pretty fun to watch, especially the 3:30 game that features Green Bay at Philadelphia. The open thread for those games will post at 11:45.