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Jeff Fisher Will Be Back With the Tennessee Titans in 2011

Jim Wyatt is now tweeting that the Titans are expected to make it official sometime this afternoon that Jeff Fisher will be the coach of the team in 2011. We will update this post when an official announcement has been made. Wyatt did not mention anything about what is going to happen with the staff so I have no idea if that will be included in today's announcement. I still expect there to be a change at the defensive coordinator position, but that hasn't been mentioned yet.

Statements after the jump.


"I appreciate all of our fans’ patience over the last week while I deliberated on the immediate future of the football team. I have informed our senior management that Jeff Fisher will be our head coach next season.

"Jeff has meant a great deal to this franchise and we have reached some incredible heights under his leadership. Obviously, I have very high expectations for our football team and want to deliver a championship to our fans. Jeff understands this and shares my expectations. The results of his leadership have been some very good football teams and I believe he will get us back to an elite level."


"Mr. Adams and I had a good talk about where we are as a football team. Clearly I am pleased with the news today. Presenting Mr. Adams with his first Lombardi Trophy is still the objective and I will continue to work for that goal."