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Report: Jim Harbaugh Expected to Agree to Terms with the San Francisco 49ers

So remember this morning when I wrote a post about how Jim Harbaugh staying at Stanford could be a good thing for the Titans? Well forget all of that because Adam Schefter is reporting via Twitter that Jim Harbaugh is about to sign a 5-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers. I said this morning that I would like to see Harbaugh as the coach of the Titans, but I do agree with what a lot of you said that the price tag would probably be way too high for a guy that has never coached in the NFL. Looks like the 9ers are about to find out. Be sure and check out Niners Nation for their reaction to the news.

[UPDATE]- Schefter now tweeting the deal is 5 years and $25 million. Five million a year is a lot less that he was reportedly going to get.