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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: What Vince Young Should Be Most Scared Of Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Matt Bowen at NFP looks at what's next for VY, with a heavy emphasis on how the behind the scenes baggage will effect his career. The reputation for laziness in preparation, inconsistency in his mechanics (especially on short throws) and limitations in his knowledge of what to do before the snap that Vince developed here is going to kill how much money and how many years he gets on his next contract. Those questions alone could end up killing his career if he doesn't turn it around where ever he gets his next shot to play. If he fails to do that he'll struggle to get a long-term commitment from a team. That matters for Vince more than most because no matter how far he comes, Vince Young is not a guy who could handle learning a new offense every other year. He had 3 seasons with Dinger, including a full season on the bench where he didn't have to worry about playing, and still couldn't (or wasn't trusted to) call plays in the huddle correctly or audible at the line.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Win. Now. That's the name of the game for Fisher if the reports about him staying but the staff changing hold up. He's got no one else to turn to this time. It creates a pretty hilarious juxtaposition that the Titans cut Vince for being too unstable and boom-or-bust, yet now they have a situation where the need to win right away could make the 2011 a 4 win team or a 13 win team depending on what chances they take.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Titans fan have two things to watch like a hawk for a while: the status of Fisher and the members of the coaching staff, and the state of the CBA negotiations. The faster that thing gets done, the sooner we could explore the trade and free agent markets. Barring any progress there, the Titans will be reasonably limited to Kerry Collins and/or a rookie draft pick to start the season... and we've all seen how Kerry starts a season when he has the job through training camp.


Tennessee_titans_30x21 We all point to the pass coverage problems and getting washed out up the middle, but this will probably be the reason Tulloch isn't back next year:

LB Stephen Tulloch was in on 169 tackles this season, and has been in the NFL for five years, but inexplicably has not forced one fumble in that time. Tulloch was Tennessee's leading tackler, but in another very telling stat, the Titans next four tacklers were all defensive backs—Michael Griffin, Chris Hope, Alterraun Verner and Cortland Finnegan.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Richard Justice writes the article that you know was coming: The Houston Texans should pursue Vince Young. Yeah, because I'm sure a guy with too many people around him already would do great in his hometown. He'd stay real focused for sure...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 I threw it out there yesterday, but how wild would it be if Vince ends up with Pete Carroll in Seattle? Has any player ever been the MVP of the national championship game and gone on to play for the coach he beat to win it?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Another spot that makes sense for VY is Minnesota. Their window could be closing (especially on defense), and they might not show the patience to develop and young guy. Might they gamble on VY is an instant starter since they'd have a lot of weapons around him?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Several more Titans weighed in on Vince Young and the uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The Baptist Press tells us that Rusty Smith is trusting God with his career. I'd probably start praying a lot more too if I put up a passer rating of 25 against that Texans defense.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 FO says alleged-Titan Randy Moss had the biggest decline of any NFL player in 2010. I'll go ahead and say it: I bet Randy Moss goes somewhere else and makes it back to the Pro Bowl next year. Just watch.


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