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Don't Like Jeff Fisher? Root for Jim Harbaugh to Stay at Stanford

Jim Harbaugh is obviously the hottest name in the NFL coaching circles right now. The Miami Dolphins courted him while still having a head coach. The San Francisco 49ers have apparently offered him a truckload of money to coach their team, John Elway and the Denver Broncos are still looking to have a meeting with him, and Stanford is still making their pitch to keep him at the school for at least one more year. Peter King said on Twitter earlier this morning that Stanford will probably try to sell Harbaugh on coming back for one more year, with Andrew Luck who has already said he is returning, to make a run at a National Championship and then bolt for the NFL:

My guess is Stan richies said to him: We'll give u $5m to coach 1 yr, go for natl title, coach Luck, then go 2 NFL w/better openings in '12.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

If you are a Titans fan and not a Jeff Fisher fan, as I am, you should be cheering for the Stanford pitch to be the one that wins Harbaugh over. It is hard for me to see how the Titans are going to be very good next year, and as I wrote earlier this week, 2011 is going to be a put up or shut up year for Jeff Fisher. I would say the odds are pretty high that the Titans are looking for a coach in 2011, and Harbaugh is a guy that I would love to see leading this team. He plays an aggressive style of football on both sides of the ball, and his teams are always hard nosed. You won't see a team he coaches mailing it in when they are still in the playoff hunt.

This may all be a pipe dream because the rumors are out there that he has been offered as much as $7 million a year to coach in the NFL, but it is still a dream that we can have until he officially signs with another team on the dotted line.